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Entrepeneur, eh? Leave The Marketing To A Professional

The question should not be how much time exactly - it should be do I have the right skills and information to market my business?

According to Constant Contact CEO Gail Goodman and a recent research report, almost 40% of small businesses said their 2013 revenues increased 10% or more over 2012, and 81% of small businesses expect revenues to increase in 2014.

Smart marketing pays for small businesses.

The outlook is good for small businesses that are smart about marketing. Currently, businesses of any size can be exposed using online combined with other marketing channels like social media, direct mail, public relations, and e-mail marketing. 82% have adopted multi-channel marketing programs. They’ve claimed these results:

  • More customer engagement (73%)
  • More new customers (57%)
  • More website traffic (54%)
  • Increased event attendance (42%)
  • More revenue (40%)
  • More referrals (39%)

Unsuccessful marketing is due to an uninformed, unorganized approach.

The 27% who indicated they were unsuccessful in their multi-channel marketing efforts sited these reasons:

  • Don’t know if their customers are using all the channels (59%)
  • Don’t know how to measure success across all the channels (35%)
  • Find it too time-consuming to get everything done across all the platforms (32%)
  • Don’t know how to use all of the platforms (26%)
  • Too difficult to get the messaging and looks right (15%)
  • Hard to keep my contacts straight (15%)

Dive in headfirst.

The time is right for small businesses to make a splash and grow due to the low media costs in our modern economy, but it’s not going to come automatically. Like any marketing program, it’s going to take skill and knowledge to be effective.

Our suggestion: get the right advice from a professional, do your research, and spend time on your plan. The time has never been better for small business - take advantage of it!

Survey administered March 2014 to 1,305 participants in the Constant Contact Small Biz council.

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