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5 Tech Resources You Should Be Reading

From software to apps and gadgets to the latest computer products, technology has a huge influence on our lives both personally and in business. And just like social media, it’s ever-evolving. In a previous blog post, we listed 4 social media resources you should be reading, but today, we’re focusing on 5 tech resources you should be reading. This list of websites will keep you informed about cutting edge trends, real-time updates, industry news, and the leaders in technology to help give you and your company a competitive edge.

TechCrunch – One of the leaders in technology news is TechCrunch. Their coverage consists of breaking news, analysis, and trending topics. They also have a strong focus on startups and feature new companies that are changing the technology landscape. Another interesting feature of the website is CrunchBase: a database of technology companies, tech-savvy individuals, and investors that anyone can add to and edit. TechCrunch also makes learning about the latest technology easy by featuring channels with video content tailored to specific audiences. Interested in product reviews? The TechCrunch Gadgets section has videos featuring quick yet informative reviews and side-by-side product comparisons.

Apple Insider – If you’re interested in all things Apple, search no further than Apple Insider. This site has everything from Apple product reviews and pricing guides to breaking news. The pricing guides are especially helpful since they compare the prices of the same products from different stores side by side and display the biggest discount. Apple Insider is also a great resource for staying in-the-know on the latest Apple software updates and how the changes can affect consumers and businesses. A unique feature of the website is the “Tip Us” section where anyone can submit Apple-related news or rumors such as what an upcoming product reveal might be. This is a valuable resource for businesses because it allows you to gauge the impact of an upcoming product or software update before Apple officially reveals it.

Wired – For a look at how technology is affecting the future of business, culture, and science, check out Wired. This online publication focuses its articles on technological breakthroughs and emerging industries. You can also expect to find an opinion section where experts discuss the impact of technology news and trends. This is a great place to learn about new ideas and different perspectives on the latest topics.

Information Week –If you’re trying to stay updated on business technology, Information Week is your go-to resource. The website features sections that affect businesses, including security, cloud, mobile technology, big data, and more. It's also an ideal place to get expert advice and chat with other business professions. Information Week’s interactive features include live chats, discussion boards, and polls. This community is useful if you need a question answered or are looking for tips on a particular topic for your business.

Ars Technica – Whether you’re a newbie or ultra tech savvy, this site has something for you. Ars Technica’s content features a mix of technology and media topics, as well as breaking technology news, in-depth analysis, product reviews, job postings and how-to guides. A unique feature to the site is the “My Stories” dropdown menu that shows the newest articles that were posted to the site since your last visit. This makes it easy to keep track of the latest news and stories.

Whether you’re interested in gadgets or want the latest scoop on emerging technology, these five resources are sure to help keep you ahead of the curve. And if you’re active on social media, following these sites as well as our social media feeds will help keep you in-the-know.