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5 Inspiring Holiday Packaging Designs

Each year, the winter holidays provide brands with the opportunity for innovative designs. Not only do holiday packaging designs influence your consumer’s interest in your product during a busy shopping season, but they also help establish a more emotional connection, full of nostalgia for the holiday season. Below are five inspiring packaging concepts that maintain their brand identity while featuring creative holiday designs.

Christmas Tea

This Christmas Tea design utilizes one of the most recognizable symbols of the holidays to highlight its features. The tip of an evergreen tree is an effective method of communicating that the product is holiday-related and has natural qualities. The play-on-words and simple color scheme also work well in creating a holiday feel to the packaging. (Source: Packaging Served)


Osjecko Beer

Sometimes a playful label is all it takes to stand out from the crowd. The Croatian beer brand, Osjecko, did just that with their Christmas design. The neck of the bottle features a minimalistic Santa Claus with a red stripe for his hat, which also matches the color of the Osjecko label. (Source: Complex)


La Maison

La Maison du Chocolat brand uses “emotional marketing” in their chocolate Advent calendar design. The 3D tree features boxes with hidden candies, creating a sense of excitement and mystery. It also plays on the feeling of nostalgia that you have when counting down the days until Christmas. (Source: La Maison du Chocolat)



One way to make your brand’s product seem more desirable is to utilize sophisticated packaging. Belvedere Vodka has executed this strategy by encasing their product within a wooden log, covered with an engraved metal shield. This concept eludes exclusivity and maintains the brand’s identity while featuring elements of the holidays including a wooden log and poinsettias. (Source: Neat Designs)



The Brazilian brand, Wickbold Bread, proves you don’t have to drastically alter your packaging to get results. They have opted for a simple and playful, yet effective, Santa design on the front of their bread packaging. The white beard and red accents are enough to indicate that they acknowledge the holiday season. (Source: Packaging of the World)

All of the designs featured above demonstrate how you can tailor your packaging for the holiday season. Whether it’s a slight change in the logo design or the use of emotional marketing, these designs manage to capture the attention of audiences while staying true to your brand’s identity. What do you think makes an effective holiday packaging design? Let us know in the comments below, and contact us if you’d like to learn more about creative packaging design.