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5 Packaging Designs Chosen For Inspiration

When it comes to differentiating your brand, presentation is everything. Well-designed and well-made packaging can communicate your brand’s identity, and in return, increase consumers' willingness to buy. Below are 5 unique packaging designs which effectively communicate to consumers and stay true to their brands’ identities.


Looking to highlight specific benefits or features of your product? Festina watches does just that in a very daring way by showcasing their watches’ waterproof feature. Having the watches literally sit in distilled water already proves to the consumer that the watches are durable and waterproof. When designing your packaging, think about different ways you can define the top features of your product through innovative packaging like Festina has done. (Source: The Dieline)

Harry Truman razors

Harry Truman and Winston's razor set is designed to present a modern, luxurious look and feel for a simple, every day product. Focusing mostly on its clean, sleek design (reflecting the clean, sleek shave their razors set out to accomplish), the packaging also features witty quotes with subtle graphics inside. Utilizing every inch of your packaging material could mean a significant impact on your bottom line. (Source: Trend Hunter)

Ford Ranger

Sometimes you just need to think outside the box (literally)! In this novelty box of matches, Ford leverages the match box’s shape to promote the Ford Ranger's extendable truck bed. Surprise and delight can often be found by re-purposing novelty items. Perhaps your next innovative packaging is lying right under your nose? (Source: COLORIBIS)

Thelma cookies

Have you heard of “emotional marketing?” Touching your consumers’ senses can go a long way in selling your product/service. What’s better than warm, homemade, fresh-baked cookies? Not many things, if you ask us. But who has the time nowadays? Pre-made Thelma’s Cookies seek to touch your senses and nostalgia with their oven-shaped packaging. If you can create an emotional connection, you can create a sale. (Source: The Dieline)

Dream Water POS

We’ve designed and produced a variety of Dream Water POS packaging. These boxes are easy to ship and easy to assemble for retailers. Their simple design is effective in storing product while maintaining cohesive branding with the product bottles. And staying true to the brand's deep midnight blue resonates the sleep the consumer's about to experience.

All of the above packaging examples effectively communicate their brand's product and how they want consumers to perceive it. What does your packaging design say to your consumers? From showcasing features, design, cohesive branding, and emotional connection, our packaging experts can help you every step of the way. Contact us for your next packaging project.