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10 Creative Print Ads

There are numerous variations in the appearance of advertisements.
They can be viewed on your preferred website, during commercial breaks on your preferred TV program, and in the most popular YouTube videos.
However, what happens when you open your daily newspaper or turn the pages of your preferred magazine?
Perhaps even when you're travelling to work and stop by the side of the road?
Due to the vast amount of digital media we now consume, print advertising has numerous benefits and potential for success.
And because we are so passionate about print, direct mail, creativity, and design, we decided to present 10 of our all-time favorite print advertisements that we, ironically, found online.
Don't forget to tell us which item is your favorite in the comments section.

1. Mc Donalds Night Ad

MC Donald nights

2. You Eat What They Eat

you eat what they eat

3. Sharper Than You Think

Sharper Than You Think

4. Piknic Electronik

Piknic Electronik

5. A Better Job is Waiting

A Better Job is Waiting

6. KFC - Lickin' chicken

Lickin chicken

7. Kiss with Pride

Kiss with Pride

8. Flame Grilled

Flame Grilled

9. Schusev State Museum of Architecture


10. Flipped


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