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What are direct mail lists?

A direct mail list complete with prospects names is necessary for your mail campaign. Without a direct mail list, a portion of your marketing budget could be wasted and your mailing could be perceived by customers and prospects as “junk mail.”

A direct mail list and mailing campaign will enable you to track your return on investment (ROI), eliminating the ambiguity of whether the list resulted in conversions or not. With statistics, your business can quantify the effectiveness of each specific mailing.

Direct mail lists of the past would often result in returned pieces and minimal engagement from prospects. Mailings were failing because they lacked credibility and consumer connection. One sure way to alienate a customer or prospect is by spelling their name incorrectly, targeting someone who doesn’t live there anymore, or even being totally off the audience. For example, sending diaper coupons to a 70 year old man will probably go right from the mailbox to the trash, unless you happen to know his six month old great grandkid is living with him. With the advent of the Internet and unprecedented access to consumer data, direct mail lists can now be tailored specifically to reflect your targeted audience.

Comprehensive databases including demographics, psychographics, and geography of prospects, will help your campaigns perform more accurately so that you see more engagement and response. Sorted and cleaned mailing lists conducted by “hygiene” software will help you to manage postage costs and save money on erroneous materials. This process is critical to the success of your print and direct mail campaigns and ensures reliability.

Another element that should be considered is personalizing your direct mail pieces. Using variable data printing (VDP), your direct mail pieces can include specific calls to action for certain groups on your direct mail list, the recipient’s name, custom offers, graphics and content for each group on your direct mail list, and so much more. The possibilities are truly endless.

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