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Why is marketing collateral important?

Marketing collateral refers to an assortment of media that is used to improve the sales of a product or service for a business. The growth of a business is the central motivation behind marketing collateral. Without it, a business limits itself and does not reach beyond its current level of success.

That being said, marketing collateral can take many forms – from sales brochures and printed product information (historically, the more traditional approach) to promotional photos, web content, or product packaging. Let’s not forget the all important “leave behind” that reinforces you field sales efforts. All marketing collateral should align with the brand’s goals and reflect the identity of the brand down to the tiniest detail. All of the marketing collateral for a brand should be cohesive and work well together so that it can build credibility and trust for the brand.

Digital or printed communications can be used to differentiate brands from competitors, and to increase awareness about a company’s products, services, and branding. Marketing collateral is a supplemental sales tool, aimed at informing and enticing prospects and supporting current customers. It can add consistency to a brand’s message, but does not have to be repetitive. Marketing collateral can also be used to enrich work environments, to enhance morale and team momentum, as supplemental training resources, to inform the community, and to serve a variety of functions aimed at decreasing pain points.

If your business is looking for a fresh approach to your marketing collateral, the experienced team of Rex 3 designers is ready to discuss your plan for growing your business and your vision to design fresh marketing collateral. Call us today to begin the discussion!