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What is variable data printing?

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a form of one-to-one marketing that utilizes personalized mailings based on demographics and buyer personas. This marketing method is utilized to increase response rates and reduce printing costs since print runs are shorter and more targeted when compared to traditional campaigns.

Direct mail automation in the past resulted in less than favorable outcomes for many brands. The intention was to saturate the market with visual identification of a brand or to offer a tempting deal. But, this wasn’t enough for consumers. Precision is an important factor for potential customers. Most consumers have become desensitized to the influx of mailings, but there are ways to increase engagement.

VDP enables brands to produce pieces that grab attention and offer a more personalized experience for the customer. Tailored marketing gives businesses an edge as custom messages can be geared towards a prospective customer’s age, gender, interests, buying habits, address, and more.

VDP automates the direct mail process so that each piece appears as if it’s been purposely designed and printed for just one person. An example of high-quality VDP is combining a customized direct mail piece with a PURL (Personalized URL). Customers respond positively to a personalized mailing because it is an indication that they matter to a business. VDP appeals to the emotional response associated with the customer’s sense of individuality and makes it possible to clearly quantify results and engagement responses answering not just the quantity questions but the profiles your prospects when you score successful customer engagement.

Rex 3 offers Variable Data Printing (VDP) services. Get a quote or call us today at (954) 388-8708 and let’s talk about how VDP can help your business grow.