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Offset printing and digital printing are two of the most commonly used printing methods. While digital printing offers accessibility and on demand benefits, offset printing offers longer runs. Rex 3’s offset teams offer high-quantity projects up to 40” wide, while our digital departments goes up to 29”.

This process is part science, part skill. During the offset printing process, the ink is transferred from a printing plate onto paper or another material such as vinyl. The printed image is first offset onto a soft roller and then transferred onto the material. When using offset printing a variety of printing materials can be used which can add diversity to a marketing agenda. A bonus to using offset printing is that it is cost-effective when printing high quantities of materials.

Rex 3 acquired the SuperPress, the Heidelberg XL106, the most advanced offset press available in its class with specialty UV and AQ coatings. This printing press delivers up to six colors with specialty coatings and runs at 18,000 sheets per hour. The SuperPress exhibits the truest colors, depth, precision, and accuracy on every project. Call us today at (954) 388-8708 to discuss your next offset printing job.