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What is large format printing?

When you need to display a large message, large format printing will ensure it is seen. Large and wide format digital printing involves a print roll width between 18” and 100”(over 9 feet). These projects can be seen on vehicles, on buildings, hung over roads, displayed over sidewalks, and in any space that serves as a visual connection. Large format printing can be helpful in situations where there’s a large space for promotional signage. The image quality is superior, so your logo, graphics, and messages look their very best in the spotlight.

Large format printing can also benefit smaller spaces that need to exhibit a big message. No matter the size, the design is an integral part of the success of larger printing projects. It’s important to consider not just what the message is, but also how it is displayed.

There’s a variety of materials that can be used during the printing process to ensure its quality. Vinyl and aluminum are just two of the commonly used materials, but there are many other options. Material versatility means that projects can be unique, creative, customized, and customer or brand-centric. Most large format printing is displayed outdoors, so materials must be rigid and able to withstand environmental factors.

Investing in large format printed materials for your business and brand is a sound choice especially when utilizing a commercial printer. The ROI on out-sourcing your print projects will be reflected in the success of your campaign. Rex 3 is ready to help your business bring its large format printing ideas to life. Get a quote online for your next large format printing project!