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What is the digital printing process?

Digital printing is the process of printing media, text, graphics, and images from a digitally-based image through the use of laser or inkjet printers. There are a lot of options for customization in the digital printing process. This differs from the traditional printing press which limits design and individualization. Digital printing has evolved into a superior process that delivers a strong final product.

The benefits of commercial digital printing are due in large part to print-on-demand capabilities, short turnaround time, high-quality, and associated cost savings. Businesses and brands can design and plan projects according to the need or demand. If your marketing plan includes marketing collateral printing, digital printing will enhance the project by offering flexibility and a budget-conscious approach to messaging. Digital printing enables large-scale campaigns like VDP and direct mail projects but also supports smaller printing projects, sales and collateral printing, and on-demand printing. There are situations where additional print runs are required and because of the convenience of digital printing, this can be done easily and at little incremental cost.

Rex 3 digital printing presses are compatible with a wide variety of substrates, like coated and uncoated papers, and can print on unique substrates like synthetics, dark, transparent, metallic, or recycled media, up to 18 points thick or very heavy cardstock about a 1/3”. We can customize and personalize your marketing message easily so that you can dedicate time to supporting your business functions. Get a quote online for your upcoming digital printing projects or call us at (954) 388-8708 to address your questions about the digital printing process.