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Commercial printing supports industries and businesses across the globe. Printed marketing materials can reach more prospective clients and audiences when used in conjunction with a variety of business communication tools. Printed materials when added to digital or online campaigns can increase brand awareness, conversions, retention, sales, and customer loyalty/advocacy.

A successful marketing campaign can include a variety of commercial printing services. Our suite of printing services includes:

There is a human-to-human connection with print, a by-product that is not always felt by audiences with digital and mobile formats. The messages may be the same, but the platform matters considerably across the scope of customers. There are simply some customers who prefer to see and to touch elements of branding campaigns.

Customer engagement can often be attributed back to printed marketing products which highlight the messages that businesses create to represent their brand. High-speed production and a high-volume output means projects are completed according to your specifications and needs.

Rex 3 offers advanced, customized commercial print solutions to support the customer and audience journey. Companies and businesses want to be noticed, and their message must be conveyed with high-quality, branded materials. An effective campaign starts with strategic planning as an essential element of the creative process. A well-thought-out marketing plan can ultimately save money during each phase of branding. We will work with you to develop your custom graphic communication campaigns from planning to printing, and beyond. Call us today at (954) 388-8708 and let’s talk about your commercial printing needs.