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What are the three types of packaging?

Successful marketing strategies incorporate all aspects of the customer experience and journey. Packaging, while it serves a variety of functions, is an extension of a brand. The quality of a product is vital, but the product’s packaging design is just as important. Customers rely on packaging to deliver exactly what they purchased, with appropriate information that is easy to read.

The three types of packaging are primary, secondary, and tertiary. Each of these packaging designs can exist solely, or one complete package can include each of these simultaneously.

  • Primary packaging is the product and any material included to protect the product. Primary packaging informs the customer and serves as an aid in product familiarity. It also attracts prospects by sending a visual cue every time that package is seen, even if it is not immediately purchased.
  • Secondary packaging draws attention, gives necessary information, and advertises why this product is the superior choice. When designing secondary packaging, several factors must be considered. Graphics, fonts, images, structural design, and finish/texture of packaging are important branding mechanisms. These features can attract (or turn away) a customer, so it’s important to find the balance where customers will be engaged. Often, secondary packaging alone can create customer loyalty. This type of packaging can be creative, expressive, and even interactive.
  • Tertiary packaging is not often seen by customers. It's not intended to attract customers, but to protect the products – and the secondary packaging – during transit. Packaging design is still an integral part of tertiary packaging. It must protect the product and inform retailers and delivery personnel of the specific contents.

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