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What are the different types of sales collateral?

In a digital era, print has stood the test of time and remained relevant and reliable for every industry. People depend on print because it works! The power of the written word matters in marketing collateral.

Sales collateral can take many forms, consider these options.

  • Flyers, pamphlets, and brochures – Sharing information is simple with these essential marketing pieces for businesses in any industry. These allow you to highlight your company’s services and products with content, photos, diagrams, and much more.
  • Direct mail – Postcards, mailers, letters, etc. can be customized using Variable Data Printing (VDP) to better target your recipient’s interests. Personalizing your mailpieces increase their effectiveness.
  • Packaging design – When designing the packaging for your products, everything matters. This is one of the most long-standing representations of your brand. The package is an opportunity for creativity but it should represent the brand and consider factors such as color, size, audience, and cost to manufacture.
  • Magazines, catalogs, etc. – Digital is great but people still like to hold items and magazines and catalogs can easily become souvenirs or important resources.
  • Training materials – Training new employees and team members should include branded training materials to send a clear message about the identity of the business for your employees starting on their first day.
  • Brand kits – An effective brand kit should contain all of the important visual elements of your brand (i.e., logo(s), color palette, font(s), branded images, etc.). This is a valuable tool in communicating what your brand represents and how it is different from competitors.

Rex 3 is experienced in designing, printing, and assembling different types of sales collateral. Contact us to discuss your company’s sales collateral.