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The Importance of Well-Printed Trading Card Games

Why should you choose Rex 3 for your next TCG printing? Here are just a few (of the many) reasons:

  • Card Collation – TCG designers recognize the necessity of methodically organizing their cards for packaging. Whether launching an initial print run of an expansion deck or undertaking the twentieth run of the original game, it's vital to arrange the cards in a manner that simplifies packaging and minimizes the possibility of errors. Eliminating the frustration of finding a missing card in a new game is a priority. By offering the option for manual collation, Rex 3 ensures precise arrangement of your cards, every time.
  • Top of the Line Machinery – Your trading card game needs cards that are of the highest quality, which require professional and top of the line machinery to create. We have all the necessary components here at Rex 3, including an HP Indigo 12000 and six other printing presses, all of which allow us to print your cards in full color, with a glossy finish, and with any other flourishes that you choose. You’ll get the finished results that card game aficionados desire. 
  • Custom Solutions that Meet Your Customer’s Needs – Want to print your cards on heavy duty cardstock? Or maybe something a little lighter and with a proper coating to ensure that they stay comfortable in the player’s hands. We offer a number of custom options, from paper to printing processes, full color to black and white and more. You’ll get the customized design that you want, looking exactly as you envisioned it. 

The Importance of Well-Printed Trading Card Games

A good trading card game is nothing without high quality cards. Whether you plan to:

  • Create a Standard Deck – A standard deck is what starts the whole craze. This deck contains the important cards that are required to play the game. They are the core of the game that the other decks and sets are added onto. As a result, the standard deck gets a lot of play and needs to hold up well over time, which can be accomplished with our premiere printing facilities. 
  • Have Expansion Options – Expansion decks made the game even more interesting. Fans of TCGs love them, because they add onto the original deck, but they also have additional details, such as a different finish, various color options, and other things that differentiate them from the starter deck. You can work with Rex 3 to switch things up print-wise and make your expansion decks even more desirable. 
  • Include Limited Edition Card Sets – If you really want to make playing your original trading card game even more fun, then develop a series of limited-edition card sets. Since they’re only available for a limited time, those who enjoy the original game will have fun collecting these extra versions when they’re available. 

If you’re ready to have your custom trading card game professionally printed, contact Rex 3 today!

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