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Advantages of Using Rex 3 for Your Healthcare Organization’s Printing Needs

If you need professionally printed items for your healthcare organization, look no further than Rex 3. With over 60 years of experience in the printing field, we know what types of quality items your patients need and are looking for, and we can provide them. 

We offer:

  • The Best Printing Technology Available – We have numerous printing machines, including several top-of-the-line models that will give your brochures, booklets, and other informational handouts the professional feel your hospital requires.
  • Custom Printing Options – Need a booklet in a certain size with a specific number of pages? A trifold brochure and a quad-fold one? We can create any version you need, and with the help of our technology, fold, staple, and stitch pages together as needed so that the finished product resembles exactly what you ordered.
  • Shipping Solutions – Want your new brochures right away? Worried that some will get damaged in transit? Don’t worry! Here at Rex 3, we have numerous shipping solutions available to you. Whether you need your new printed items as soon as possible or want them to arrive in pristine condition, our shipping department will meet all of your needs. You’ll have all your printed materials when you need them and in the condition that you expect. No surprises.
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Key Purposes for Printed Healthcare Forms and More

What are some of the printed items that healthcare organizations need? 

  • Brochures – From information about the hospital that includes a map of the building to details on which procedures your outpatient surgery clinic provides, we know that brochures serve many purposes in the healthcare world. Your clinic or hospital needs brochures that look professional, contain the necessary information, and are something to be proud of, all of which Rex3 can do for you. 
  • Flyers – Does your healthcare organization have pre-printed flyers about specific medical conditions? Or do you use flyers in order to inform patients and visitors about certain requirements and other details? Both of these play a significant role not only in patient care but also in the daily operations of your hospital. Without properly printed informational flyers, you won’t be able to convey the necessary information to your patients, leaving them to take notes on their own or Google their conditions. 
  • Informational Booklets – When a patient is kept in the hospital overnight or for several days, do you provide them with information? A patient booklet, printed large enough for everyone to comfortably read it, comes in handy in these situations. Consider putting one together that includes a nice glossy cover and plenty of information about the building itself and the services offered by the hospital, such as in-room meal options and things that can be ordered from the gift shop. Designed to make their stay as comfortable as possible, these booklets can impress your patients and make their stay less stressful.  
  • Folders – Patients who have a lot of paperwork to keep track of could benefit from a custom-designed folder featuring your hospital’s branding and information. This makes it easier for your patients, as they’ll have everything in one place, as well as for your employees who can hand out information packets instead of individual flyers when additional information is required. 

At Rex3, we understand that your healthcare organization has unique printing needs, all of which we’re able to meet. If you’re ready to order your next print run, contact us today. 

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