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Prepress services 

 At Rex 3, our prepress department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and utilizes the most advanced digital prepress workflows, software, and equipment for superior packaging prototypes. 


Packaging Prepress Expertise: The Right Technology, The Right Team
Take advantage of Rex’3 in-house folding carton packaging prepress services. Our industry-leading prepress technology is cost effective and can significantly reduce your speed-to-market (STM) times.

Advanced Front End Digital Workflow 
For over 60 years Rex 3 has stayed ahead of the technological curve and has implemented the most advanced digital prepress workflow for packaging. Our investments in prepress technologies have consistently improved print quality, reduced turnaround times, and increased speed-to-market (STM).

Advanced Computer-to-Plate Technology that Puts You in Control
Rex 3’s utilizes a digital thermal plate setter that automates the flow of data the press needs from the prepress to a high-quality printing plate. Our advanced computer-to-plate technology simplifies the packaging prepress process for simplified file transfer, graphic design editing, and proofing: The advantages of Rex 3’s packaging prepress workflow are:

  • Secure file transfer
  • Complete digital asset management
  • Reliable proofing with quick turnaround times
  • Consistent and accurate printed output for a realistic feel
  • Corrections and changes are streamlined and easier

Advanced Digital Proofing Technology
Our Epson proofing system incorporates the latest photographic inkjet technology. This technology allows for an extended color gamut enhancing mid-tone and highlight detail yielding a smoother tonal range.

Another important piece of proofing technology is our Fuji Final Proof. The Fuji Final Proof CMYK halftone dot is generated onto film and then laminated onto the actual paper on which the job will print. The benefits of the Fuji Final Proof are:

  • Ability to simulate 80% of spot color applications
  • Ability to image opaque white that can be applied to sheet-fed materials
  • Ability to create color proofs and mock-ups digitally that require white ink or a metallic effect to be applied

Digital Proofing: The Rex 3 Advantage
At Rex 3, before your prototype is made, the production file is laser-verified for precision. The packaging prototype is then trimmed, dummied, and prepared for the client’s review. We prefer digital proofing because it allows the client to check, feel, engage and have a tactile experience with the packaging prototype rather than just look at a 3D mockup on a computer screen. If you approve the packaging prototype, the same technology that generated your prototype will then create a plate. Our advanced computer-to-plate technology allows the packaging project to run smoothly and guarantees print integrity throughout the entire process.

Digital Prepress Services at Rex 3
Prepress technology is only as good as the operator or team using it. Our packaging prepress team has the skills, technology, and most importantly the experience to deliver exceptional quality on every project. Maximize the impact of your packaging with our in-house digital prepress services. The packaging solutions team at Rex 3 supports multi-national brands with packaging consultation, packaging design, digital asset management, prepress services, color management, folding carton packaging manufacturing, and packaging fulfillment.

Learn how our Prepress services can speed-to-market (STM)
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  • Safe & secure file transfer
  • Digital asset management available 
  • Accurate proofing with quick turnaround times
  • Experienced prepress team
  • Ability to simulate 80% of spot color applications