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Meet the hp 7900 indigo


the most advanced digital sheet-fed press in the commercial print marketplace.

Digital Sheet-Fed Offset Printing, the HP Indigo 7900 Difference
The HP Indigo 7900 is latest in digital printing technology offering Rex 3’s clients the quality of traditional offset printing with the convenience of short run digital printing. Compatible with over 3,000 substrates and capable of printing on substrates up to 18pt. Rex 3’s HP Indigo 7900 is the fastest 13 x 19-inch digital sheet-fed offset printer available in the marketplace.Unlike other digital presses, the HP 7900 uses a special liquid ink, called Electroink, and not powder toner as with traditional digital printers. In other words, Ink on Paper, like offset printing.

Digital Print Color Matters
The five color, HP Indigo 7900 has the widest on-press color gamut available today in the digital print market place because of Electroink, HP’s liquid toner technology. The HP Indigo 7900 hits spot colors with 99% accuracy consistently with its automated color management tools and an in-line spectrometer.

Complete Print Customization with Electroink

White White enables agencies and brands the ability to print on dark, metallic or transparent substrates for a truly unique look with.
Digital Matte Utilize a glossy substrate and let the HP Indigo 7900 create a contrasting matte effect.
 Fluorescent Pink With glow in the dark properties, HP Indigo’s Electroink Fluorescent Pink upgrades the look and impact of any marketing and sales collateral.
 Raised Print  Engage your audience with tactile effects including raised print and textures for a one-of-a-kind look.
Invisible Red Only visible under UV light, HP Indigo’s Electroink Invisible Red is perfect for barcodes, text and images.

Whether it is utilizing white ink on a black matte substrate for a booklet, invisible red ink for a barcode on a plastic card or a memorable variable data printing marketing promotion or us a florescent pink theme for your next marketing campaign to make a lasting impression!  Rex 3 and the HP Indigo 7900 are the complete digital print solution to revitalize your brand’s sales and marketing collateral with vibrant colors, tactile effects, and special substrates.  

Experience Color Digital Printing with Rex 3 and the HP Indigo 7900

Sales & Marketing Collateral Variable Data Printing (VDP) 
Direct Mail  Personalized Printing 
Brochures Manuals
Business Cards Name Badges
Calendars Pamphlets
Comp Cards Post Cards
Flyers Presentation Folders
Greeting Cards Rack Cards
Hang Tangs Tent Cards
Inserts Look Books
Invitations Magazines
Labels  Newsletters  

Gain the Competitive Advantage with the HP Indigo 7900 and Rex 3
The HP Indigo 7900 transformed the commercial digital printing marketplace overnight with its industry leading productivity and superior color quality versus toner based digital printers. Some of the benefits of digital printing with the HP Indigo 7900 and Rex 3 are:

  • Quick make ready times are just the beginning
    There are no plates to “make ready” and your digital print job can be on the press within minutes, not hours or days like traditional offset printing. The HP Indigo 7900’s automated prepress tools, on-press job sequencing, and on-press proofing optimizes production up to 40% to meet tight deadlines. Digital print technology is only as good as the print engineer who is operating the press. At Rex 3 our HP indigo 7900 press is supervised by our in-house HP Field Certified Field Engineer for optimal productivity and maximum up-time. 

  • Color digital printing is a whole lot brighter
    Experience the brightest colors available in digital printing at Rex 3 with HP’s Electroink covering 97% of the PANTONE color range when utilizing the 5th ink station. Your brand’s colors are accurate and consistent every time with the inline spectrophotometer monitoring for inconsistencies between the digital file and the printed sheet with every pass to deliver crisp lines and stunning images.

  • Variable Data Color Digital Printing
    Personalized text and images stand out like never before since the HP Indigo 7900 offers the widest on-press color gamut with Electroink. Personalize your variable data campaign using unmatched digital print color quality and 3,000 different substrates. Running at 9,600 A4 color pages per hour (PPH), variable data printing (VDP) never looked so good! 

The Rex 3 Advantage 
Stand out from your competitors by showing your true colors with Rex 3 as your digital print partner. The HP Indigo 7900 is part of a recent 5-million-dollar technology and equipment upgrade that included a Heidelberg, Speedmaster XL 106, the “SuperPress,” a 40” sheet-fed offset press. Experience commercial digital printing with Rex 3 as your digital print partner and show your brand’s true colors. 

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HP Indigo 7900 Quick Facts

  • 9,600 A4 color pages per hour (PPH)

  • Fastest 13 x 19 inch digital sheet-fed in the market place.

  • Max 18 pt. board 

  • Print on dark, metallic or transparent substrates.

  • Inline spectrophotometer maintains colors consistency for throughout the entire press run.