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Why is Direct Mail Effective?

Direct mail is personalized and more engaging. This is the most effective way to connect with customers and prospects as it identifies, and then, appeals to their wants, needs, and preferences. Direct mail works because it is strategic and customer-centric. The Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that many consumers are not desensitized to direct mail because “junk mail” is primarily a trend of the past.

Target your ideal customer or audience by filtering leads into a direct mail campaign. Quantify the results with confirmed engagement through tracking. Additionally, campaigns can enhance direct mailings by utilizing database-generated demographics and variable data printing (VDP). 

Direct mail appeals to consumers because they prefer tactile experiences. Since traditional mail is often a novelty to many consumers, they are not as likely to push the direct mail to the side.

According to SBA, “76% will engage with mail from a brand or retailer they have purchased from in the past.” It’s important to keep this in mind when developing your campaign’s target audience – don’t forget existing customers.

Companies can combine mail campaigns with digital (mobile and email) campaigns to encourage engagement across platforms. Targeting customers through social media can be easier than a direct mail campaign, but it can leave many customers behind. Utilizing all the tools available to reach your audience gives a unified message to customers and aligns with your branding more cohesively.

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