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PURL: Personalized URL DIRECT Marketing Services

PURL direct marketing is one of the industry's most effect direct marketing campaign solutions. 
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Personalized URLs (PURLs) 

Most direct mail campaigns are missing out on a key to better response rates - capturing the impulse to buy now, or sign up now. Today that happens both online. Leverage your CRM data with our PURL and variable data printing (VDP) technology. At Rex 3, we create PURLs or personalized (P) URLs that give each recipient an individual web address (URL) that holds a special offer. PURLs not only engage these highly valuable prospects with their own VIP landing pages, but also make it easier and more convenient for both the business and the customer. When each prospect arrives at the landing page by clicking his or her PURL, their contact information is pre-populated making continuing on the buying path simple and hassle-free. A few clicks and you've got a new customer or a very qualified prospect!

A personalized URL is simply a web address that incorporates the recipient’s name that personalizes the landing page for each recipient of your direct mail or email marketing campaign.


Rex 3 PURL Marketing Advantages

There are many response channels for direct mail campaigns: mail in a reply card, call a certain phone number, send an email to a particular address. The real value in using personalized URL marketing is its personal appeal that capitalizes on curiosity, and its simplicity to completing the sign-up or order once they've clicked. Rex 3 uses the premier technology for personalized URL marketing campaigns. It streamlines the entire process, automating the creation and management of a personalized URL for every direct mail recipient, as well as dynamic VIP landing pages.

PURL Marketing Works

Variable Data Printing example combining a customized direct mail piece with a PURL (Personalized URL)


Benefits of PURLs

  • Improve response rates for your direct mail campaign
  • Gain valuable information about consumers
  • Provide relevant content in response to prospects’ preferences
  • PURLs can be easily pasted into any sharing channel (blogs, social media, etc.)
  • Manage customer relationships effortlessly
  • Collect qualified, real-time leads
  • Track and measure campaign responses in real-time
  • Generate automated responses to your leads

By using PURLs, we create unique destinations for each of your customers and prospects that builds loyalty, boosts engagement, and drives higher responses. Leverage PURLs with our variable data printing technology for maximum impact! Contact us today to find out more about this fun, personal, and interactive method of connecting with your key audiences.

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