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We help you plan everything so you're always on time and on budget. 
It's not just about quality printing.
It's about quality service too.  

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Customers come back to Rex because we take care of their budgets.

We do that in many ways. Sometimes it's a matter of using different workflows, materials, or simply a different piece of equipment to get the job done.

In some cases, we'll even find you a partner that will be a better option for you right off the bat. 
Whatever the method, we'll do whatever it takes to get your project out stress-free and on time.

But... you have to take the time to ask how we can help. 

Ask us about how to save on larger print runs, plan quarterly or even monthly projects in advance so you're always hitting your numbers. Maybe we can find a way to save as much as 30% in discounts and loyalty promotions. That’s the kind of planning we’re really good at. And precisely why customers keep coming back. If you’re looking to save, so you can do more with your budget, contact us to talk more.