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We gracefully print and mail, so you can reach your audience offline. 
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  • Direct mail that’s straightforward.

Rex has the expertise, knowledge and specialized equipment to print your direct mail campaigns. We print hundreds of thousands of pieces a day and know how to engineer your mailers so they are most effective while minimizing postage costs.

  • Direct mail that’s effective.

It all starts with data cleansing. To make your direct mail as effective as possible, we clean and de-dupe your lists using an NCOA (National Change of Address) database and CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) to keep your mailing current and accurate.

  • Direct mail that’s fast and good.

High-speed laser machines and ink jet machines address, label and code each piece at blazing speed while customizing your mailings to speak to your customers one to one. Our ink jet system allows for high-graphic quality, configurable as landscape or portrait. We image on top of aqueous coating, eliminating the need to cut unsightly masks.

  • Direct mail that’s targeted.

Variable printing techniques allow us to change imagery and copy based on feedback received from your CRM. Blind match inserting helps you send multiple pieces to your target using a camera system that ensures all inserts coincide with the recipient’s address. It’s no longer one size fits all in today’s world of direct mail.

  • Direct mail that’s automated.

We insert, seal, fold and address in-line to keep your mailers looking professional, clean and the automation keeps our pricing competitive. If your mailers require handwork, Rex has expert teams for that too.



  • Straightforward advice on how mailing and postage works 
  • Direction on how to make campaigns more effective 
  • Fast production with our in-house postal facility 
  • Targeted and fully-verfied mailing lists 
  • Automated processes to save you money and avoid errors