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    Finish Strong – Your Guide to Custom Print Finishes That Will Set You Apart

    When digital media exploded onto the scene, the paper industry, and those that support the industry, assumed paper would take a hard hit. The presumption was that paper would be obsolete on a commercial scale, that consumers would no longer want to deal with the “clutter” of paper, and that printed materials such as packaging would have little effect on consumer habits.

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    5 Reasons Why Printed Sales & Marketing Collateral Are More Effective Than Ever

    Printed sales and marketing collateral are more effective than ever. The power of print lies in its ability to be diverse, creative, targeted, and innovative. It has survived and thrived because it has adapted to changing trends. Print and printed mail compete with digitally-based media, but they can also successfully complement each other. The leveraging of print workflows translates to cohesiveness across all marketing platforms used within an organization.

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    Topics: digital printing, COVID-19

    Your Guide to Effective Direct Mail Lists & Testing

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    The Top 5 Packaging Design Trends to Watch for 2021

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    Rex 3: In the Business of Print, Direct Mail, and Overall Brand Delivery

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    Specialty Printing & Mailing Services Offered at Rex 3

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    New Company Video about the People of Rex 3

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    What the Travel Industry Can Teach You About Print

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    Rex 3 Wins Prestigious Commercial Print Awards

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