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8 Must Do's Before Printing a Unique Design or Package

To impress people offline, you have to be creative. 

You have to use every artistic element possible to grab someone's attention. This guide shows you what steps to take to avoid an expensive quote and a printing nightmare from the beginning. 

Color, typography, size, texture, folds, and structural design all play a role when creating a brand kit, package design, or even something as simple asan eye-catching direct mail piece. Prototypes are great when you're working on a cool point of sale display or even a special brand kit for people to fall in love with.

This quick one-page guide lists 8-basic steps to follow, so that you're idea comes to life effortlessly.

By downloading this quick list, you'll avoid:

  • Last minute surprises that could risk your credibillity 
  • Errors that make your brand look quirky 
  • Exagerated printing costs because of poor design 
  • Poor functionality and usability 

Download this List

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