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    Rex 3’s Prepress Team Ensures Optimal Packaging

    Our packaging prepress team made up of graphic designers and prepress experts to ensure perfect printing and stellar results. Rex 3 for over 60 years has created award winning modern packaging that add value to our clients’ packaging and are visually appealing to the target consumer. Brands turn to Rex 3 for our industry leading prepress technology because of our superior packaging quality and our speed-to-market (STM) times.

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    The Cost of Choosing the Wrong Packaging Solutions Provider

    Many new packaging products suffer because the product development team does not account for all of the unforeseen expenses of bringing a product to market. Typically, they focus on the actual costs of developing the physical product and the product’s packaging. Unfortunately, failure to recognize the “other” results in reduced profits. ... Continue Reading
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    Get Bold with our Printing Services

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    What is Secondary Packaging Design?

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    Ten Tips for Clients to Enhance Creative Feedback to Agencies

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    What is HP Electroink?

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    White Ink Printing Using the HP Indigo 7900

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    Why is Color Consistency Important In Packaging Design

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    What to ask your packaging company

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    Going Digital: The Many Winning Benefits of Digital Printing

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