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    Rex 3 Wins Prestigious Commercial Print Awards

    Winning a print award was never really our intention. Our focus was always our clients’ vision. But since we’re a commercial printing company, we’re fortunate enough to work with some of the most creative minds in the advertising and marketing industries. We're talking about creators who appreciate paper texture, special inks, and the process of bringing cool ideas to life - offline. Those are the people we celebrate whenever we win a print award like this. 

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    3 Ways Rex 3, a Florida Printing Company, Goes Above and Beyond for National Brands

    There's a printing company virtually in every corner with one potentially near you. On the Internet, there are hundreds more with just a few clicks away. You’ll notice the majority of these print shops specialize in something different, but only a handful are equipped to solve complex marketing logistical problems.

    In this blog article, we break down the reasons why companies (small, medium, and large) work with Rex 3, a printing company that has solved all kinds of marketing problems, ranging from rising print costs, process automation, variable data printing, as well as pick and pack distribution virtually all over the United States.

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    Printing Could Save You from the Facebook Apocalypse

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    Is Your Brand Creating Too Much Digital Clutter?

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    Are You Losing Your Print Marketing Touch?

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    Rex 3’s Prepress Team Ensures Optimal Packaging

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    The Cost of Choosing the Wrong Packaging Solutions Provider

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