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    You’ll Never Forget the Day You Automated Print and Mail

    Corporate marketing is full of never-ending tasks: some exciting, while others tedious and flat-out exhausting.

    Marketers are expected to support sales, franchise partners, and other members of the communications or product teams with everything labeled “ASAP.” Yes, we know.

    For those who work in digital marketing, tasks include email marketing, social media advertising, and Google AdWords campaigns with print barely making it into the mix.

    That’s what this blog article is about.

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    Are You Losing Your Print Marketing Touch?

    When Stacey came in to go on press, she told us she’d stick around to review her Epson proofs and check on her PMS colors. She didn’t care that she’d be there after hours. She knew the stock she had selected would make a strong emotional connection with her audience as part of her first automated print campaign.

    Clearly Stacey knows print. But while other execs rave about their digital marketing analytics, a bigger bunch loses the offline marketing touch.

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