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    Printing Could Save You from the Facebook Apocalypse

    The Facebook Apocalypse. That’s what everyone is calling it.

    We call it the print revolution.

    In mid January 2018, Mark Zuckerberg sent a massive alert to content marketers warning that the Facebook News Feed would shift its focus to connecting people. That means that posts created from business, brand, and media Facebook pages would likely see a dip in their overall News Feed visibility, reach and engagement.

    The announcement felt like a terrible break up for many.

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    Are you Connecting with Your Buyers in Every Printed Project?

    We work with all kinds of brands. From funky and intellectually conservative to luxurious and bargain-hunter edgy, to name a few. Each one is different, but all encompass a burning desire to connect with their buyers somewhere along the customer journey.

    Whether you're managing printed projects or running direct marketing campaigns, this article will help you connect with them.

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