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Get creative with direct mail to increase ROI. 

Studies show that successful direct mail campaigns must have more than just a compelling offer. They must be beautiful too. Sure, we know what you’re thinking: “As long as it generates results, it’s beautiful.” But turns out, the most attractive (eye-catching) of all win the most business. Those are the ones that ditch the trash bin and make it on refrigerators and bulletin boards. These are the pieces that drive traffic online, and increase sales at a local retail location.

That’s why we recommend you get creative with your look and feel as much as your offer. Creativity comes in many forms when talking about direct mail printing. Here are just a few techniques we typically advise our clients to get the biggest bang for their buck:

  • Include interesting fold and die cuts 
  • Make the promo code pop with unique colors 
  • Use interesting paper to catch someone’s attention
  • Personalize every aspect of your direct mail offer
  • Make your direct mail feel like a gift
  • Be repetitive, but not annoying
  • Consider attaching personalized links  and bonus stickers
  • Use creative envelopes to intrigue recipients 
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